Thursday, March 19, 2009

Investigation- Anti Bullying Campaign

The first website is aimed at children. It has a lot of pictures, graphics and games. Everything is colorful and seems fun. The second website is aimed at a slightly older audience. It has far more information than the other website, and not as many graphics. Both of them talk about bullying, but the second website has much more information. The first website, despite the fact that it is for a young audience, it is actually pretty crowded. The second website was well layed out, it had a lot of information in a easy to read layout and the navigation pane was very convenient.

Evaluation for Product

Our project is not really that complete. We made a keynote on anti bullying. We have a lot of animation and videos and we have all the information. Our project as a whole is pretty good, we have information, videos to explain and a song from garage band. We used our time wisely and had a well thought out working method. What we would do is that we would divide our group into two, one would work on the keynote, one would work on something else like the song or videos or blogs. So we were all contributing to the project in some way. We all also had a well thought out method for the blog. I would do one thing, Harris would do one thing and Ali would do one thing. We got every thing done much faster. We finished everything on time and correctly (hopefully). We worked very well on the project except for one part, because of the absence of two people in our group, we couldn't do the last final video. We worked very well on the videos. We got everything done very quickly and we didn't have to do any editing. We also completed the keynote really quickly after the accident that occured. I think we could have improved by not fooling around with garageband. I think we spent too much time making the song. I think we wouldnt make the garageband song and we might have saved a lot of time. We sould have finished one lesson before today but because we fooled around and two of our members are absent, we cant do it. We had one huge difficulty, the keynote crashed and we had to remake it. We madeit again and realy focused to make it really got in a short amount of time. People liked the song and because they havent seen keynote, the animation were very cool to them. It doesnt really impact us but to the others it was a huge impact because they hadn't seen keynote before, plus garageband.

Client Meeting

Client meeting

Here is my project and this is what it includes:
A Powerpoint about bullieng
A song from garage band
A video that shows bullieng
My blog to show all the work we did!
I hope you Liked all the work we did and please read my blog.


We are going to have two groups. One will work on the keynote and simultaneously, another will work on garage band and the blogs. The keynote we hope, will give the information needed. We are hoping to put the videos into the keynote. And then we might put the song we make in garage band into the keynote. Basically the keynote will be the main product. We are going to put a song into it, and videos to support our information. We are going to use keynote for the presentation, imovie to capture and edit the videos and garage band to make the song.


We have almost finished the keynote but we have to make the final video and two of our group members arent here. Here are some screenshots :

Process Jourals

I have started the keynote again and im gonna make it much better. Just hope that the accident wont occur again ...

Process Journals

today something really bad happened. the keynote crashed and we had to start all over again. But i think we have a new strategy, three people work on the keynote (me isaac and rami) and harris and ali work on things like the song. Hopefully this time this keynote wont crash!